Switzerland: Small Country - Big Science

Switzerland, founder member and host country of CERN and major contributor to the LHC project, is proud to be associated with the “Collider” exhibition

Swiss scientists, engineers and high-tech industry have played an important part in the design and construction of the “Collider” where our universities and research institutes are involved in the search for the Higgs particle and other LHC experiments

Switzerland is renowned for excellence and innovation across science and industry, attracting top talent from around the world. Clusters of leading high-tech companies around CERN and all across the country also contribute to an innovative and dynamic business environment

For all these reasons, we are delighted to support both the “Collider” with its international community of researchers, and this exhibition at the Science Museum which brings the greatest experiment on earth to life

Not just a pretty face: Research excellence and “Big Science” experience

Did you know?

Switzerland has the highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners in the world.

When the average Quality of Science* is compared, Switzerland is second worldwide only to the USA.

(*measured by the number of times a scientific publication is referred to by others)

national knowledge output (scientific papers in proportion to population) is highest in the world

best university in continental Europe and 7 universities in the “Times HE” top 200

highest percentage of students educated at a top university (50% of students in top 200 Shanghai-ranked university)

national research institutes in physics, international Big Science expertise (CERN, European Space Agency, international nuclear fusion programmes etc.)

A home for international talent

International talent

Half of all PhD students, graduate students and lecturers and nearly 40% of professors are foreign nationals.

Did you know?

Disney and Google have recently setup R&D bases in Switzerland, attracted by the top universities and their talented graduates.

international science landscape; Switzerland tops Times HE “international outlook” rankings

English is the working language in many labs and Masters courses

Geneva – a hub for international organizations and expertise (e.g. United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisation)

home of global companies’ R&D bases (IBM, Roche, Novartis, ABB, Google, Disney etc.)

Swiss Made: Innovation, precision & skill


Many of the technical staff at CERN are Swiss, including many of the apprentices who have the opportunity to spend 3 to 4 years learning their professions in this exciting environment.

Did you know?

Switzerland can claim the "Silver Medal" in producing inventions - it has the second highest number of patents in proportion to population.

regularly tops international innovation and competitiveness rankings

strong high tech & engineering sectors

highly skilled technicians via apprenticeship and advanced training routes

top-ranked engineering schools

A strong Swiss particle physics community

Swiss Institute of Particle Physics

The Swiss particle physics community has established a national network, the Swiss Institute of Particle Physics (CHIPP), and a national computing grid and supercomputing centre.

CHIPP develops roadmaps and strategies in consultation with the national research council, the Swiss National Science Foundation.

strong particle physics community of ca. 450 scientists working at 7 universities and the national Paul Scherrer Institute

Swiss teams have been involved in the design, construction, coordination and running of the LHC, most from the very beginning

strengths at LHC include detector development, detector upgrades and data analysis

The national physics strategy focuses on High Energy Frontier, Neutrino Physics and the interface of Cosmology, Astrophysics, Particle & Nuclear Physics

A committed partner: Swiss contribution to CERN & LHC

Local cooperation

Local high-tech companies & employees benefit from employment and supply opportunities at CERN

Did you know?

Switzerland and the Canton of Geneva have made large extra financial contributions as host country and region

founder and member state (who pays 3% of budget & additional host state contributions)

intellectual and technical input from Swiss physicists to 3 of the 4 main LHC experiments

Swiss high-tech and precision engineering companies important for CERN supply chain

national supercomputing centre & custom soft- and hardware for data management and analysis

strong involvement in outreach activities